Our end of year fundraising event was such a beautiful affair, made more so by the love and support shown by so many of our incredible Asheville community. Jen and I briefly discussed the evening before heading home to rest our weary selves...and the first thing we knew was that it takes a special community to come together like that, in support of a common goal. And we're so happy to live in that community!

There are so many people to thank and forgive us if we've missed a name or two, just know that we appreciate all of you so much:  Jubilee Community, Jay Joslin, Free Planet Radio, Aaron Kaz, Chelsea LaBate, Reverend Kirk Brown, KaChina Divine, Roots Hummus, Dobra Tea, Malaprops, Christ Scool, Anola Alabdo... oh, and all our great gift certificate givers. Beaucoup love.

Love over fear...always!