We are grateful to the many inspired individuals and sponsors who have helped us further HADAYA's mission and spread joy, one toy at a time.




Prokites: Thank you for the wonderful, easy to fly kites - the kids loved them!

Pocket Disc: Thank you for the beautiful and colorful frisbees made by Guatemalan women.

Peepers:  Hobey Ford - your amazing finger puppets were a HUGE hit :)

Soccer balls:  Christ School, Olga Mahoney, ABYSSA, Tate McQueen, Coach Gladys, Coach Feist, The Rockets, AC Reynolds, Owens High School, The Learning Community School, Jubilee Community

Turn It Around Toys:  Samara Mendel Price - thank you and the wood-turning community for the delightful spinning tops!


SPONSORS (in no particular order)

Amanda Cantu Pace • aSHEville Museum • American Forest Alliance • Asheville Yoga Center • Roots Hummus • Jubilee Community • Tobacco Barn• Christ School • The Learning Community • High Five Coffee • Beehive Coffee • Bomba • Gypsy Queen Cuisine • Perla & Lux Haney-Jardine • Basmeh and Zeitoonah Womens Cooperative • Munir Abbar • Pamela Schwartz • The Kimmels • Asheville GRIT • Tate MacQueen • Cam MacQueen • Coach Gladys • Coach Feist • Howard Hangar • Mort Fishman • Lance Lobo • Steve Murray • Daniel Barber • Michele Moog-Koussa • James Warrick • David Rogers • Hedy Fischer • Valerie Hoh • Miller Graves • Mindy Barrett • Alena Hennessy • Jay Joslin • David MacDonald • Milon Levine • The Gaylord Family • Matt Borondy • Paul M Howey • Kendra Sherrod • Marshall Baltazar • Michael Craig Amato • Daniel Hermansson • Matt Parris • Dave & Sierra Hollister • Vanessa Guiliani • Aimme Diaz • Chelsea Labate • Janell Kapoor • Nyla Cione • Sabrina Hilario • Isaac Rankin • Walid Rashid • John D Rogers • Scott Barber • Sarah El-Attar • Mary Ann Chaney • Nicole McConville • Nicole Hause • Patricia Beaman • Michele Mercure • Conor Stuart-Roe • Celeste Gray • Shao-Ting Chung • William Holt • Elizabeth Wright • Pana Colombus • Cinnamon Kennedy • Claire Hastings • S M Hilario Gilbert • Courtney Jackson  • Olga Mahoney • Kirk Brown • Anna Grace Waller  • Hannah Sommer Photography  • our Lebanon volunteers

Logistics (in Lebanon)

Distribution Coordinator and all-around Superhero:   Walid Rashid
Camp Distribution Coordinator:   Marwan Al Shaykh of KAYANY Foundation


Director of Photography and Human Jungle Gym:  Adrian Hartrick
Special thanks to:   Paul Schattel; Chusy and Andy O'Neill of Plan A Films
Music:  Getty and Marmoset Music