We spread joy, one toy at a time.

HADAYA was originally developed in response to the current Syrian refugee crisis, widely considered to be largest humanitarian disaster since WWII; however, we are concerned with all displaced children, worldwide.  We believe this ‘lost generation’ deserves opportunities to experience moments of joy and fun, and that these moments are invaluable to a child’s overall health, development and well-being.


Our aim is to address the immediate psychological needs of these children who form the majority, and most vulnerable portion, of the refugee population by bringing toys that not only provide instant joy but help them overcome distress caused by violence, conflict and displacement.


Not only do we want to remind them that they are not forgotten, we also hope to provide creative alternatives to the violence and exploitation that many of them are subjected to in the camps whilst encouraging positive group behavior and teamwork.


Most of these children are unable to attend school. There are waiting lists for the precious few that do manage to set up. The children have no tools with which to develop their cognitive or creative skills, which, research tells us, are essential to developmental health. We do this by providing educational opportunities and scholarships, and ‘toy toolkits’ that support their developmental learning needs.


We also aim to elevate public awareness around the importance of the humanitarian plight of displaced children around the world by developing and installing educational exhibits; by connecting children through online engagement; and by collecting personalized soccer balls.  


A secondary purpose of HADAYA is to assist local 'on the ground' community groups and projects who are also addressing needs of the refugee community, by offering small immediate-need grants.


We distribute anywhere there are large concentrations of displaced children living in semi-permanent arrangements. We have ongoing projects in: Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Nepal and India.


tHE toys

HADAYA is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the overlooked needs of refugee children worldwide, through creativity and play, by providing them with 'developmental toolkits' that include books, educational and team-building toys, and art supplies. Typically, the children have been deeply psychologically impacted by war and have little or no outlet for creative play and engagement during the long days they spend in the camps. This often leads to violence and even more trauma. HADAYA believes that this small gesture will put a smile on the children’s faces and offer a precious glimmer of hope during this time of serious humanitarian crisis. The toys are timeless, durable and designed to be shared.

Developmental toolkits contain all or a combination of the following:

  • team building toys (such as soccer balls, jump-ropes, frisbees)
  • educational toys (such as puzzles, blocks, toys that engage fine/gross motor skills and memory skills)
  • books (for math, science and reading skill development)
  • art and writing supplies (sketch pads, markers, crayons, notebooks, pencils)
  • soft toy (for small kids)
  • kites


  • Lebanon, 2015 - visited four Syrian refugee camps. Distributed 200 toys bags - with donated soccer balls, jump ropes, kites, frisbees, wooden blocks, jigsaw puzzles, dominoes and puppets - affecting well over 600 children in four 
  • Turkey, 2016 - distributed toys, books and art supplies to 120 orphan children
  • Nepal, 2016 - provided a library for approx. 700 children, displaced by the earthquake
  • India, 2016 - provided cameras, a library and art supplies for 200 children at the Dharavi Community Center, Mumbai
  • India - ongoing scholarship fund for girls
  • Jordan, 2016 - provided toys and outings for Iraqi refugee children and their families. 
  • Jordan, 2016 - provided some of the start up materials for the first Montessori school for Syrian refugee children