We believe in the life giving power of books. Books can transport you to another world, teach you a new language, help you find a job, build community, and nourish your soul.

Books represent an important tool for self empowerment and for understanding what is possible. They can help shape a positive, multi dimensional future.

Our libraries are composed of an average of 99 books and are selected based on the population we are serving. We provide books in a variety of languages including; English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, Greek and Turkish. Wherever possible, we also provide infrastructure and ongoing technical support.

Please consider donating to HADAYA’s Library Project; a single book makes a difference! For our current Wish List of books at Amazon, click here.



GREECE: 2018-2020

Working with small local NGOs that service the refugee population, we will provide and install several libraries in and around Athens and on the island of Lesvos. This is an ongoing multi-year project.

INDIA: 2018-2019

Continuing our relationship with Dharavi Girls, we will provide libraries for children’s community centers in Pune and Hyderbad. The focus of these libraries are STEM learning: science, tech, engineering and math.




Thessaloniki, Greece: 2018

Provided a small library to the ARSIS Unaccompanied Minor Shelter, for 30 boys between the ages of 12-17. Books were provided in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, and English.

Lesvos, Greece: 2018

We added to the library of an incredible organization -  One Happy Family after they put out a public call for books. Please check out the amazing work they do here.

Laprak, Nepal: 2016

Hadaya ambassador, Kristian Gaylord, purchased and delivered a library of over 300 books to a remote village school, high in the Himalayas and destroyed a few months earlier by a devastating earthquake. The books will serve over 700 children.

Tamri, Morocco: 2017

Hadaya was thrilled to provide books for the library of the Azzaitoune High School in Tamri, Morocco,  organized by the amazing Jaki Shelton Green (2018 Poet Laureate of North Carolina) and Moroccan poet and teacher El Habib Louai