Childhood should be the most beautiful of all life’s seasons

Tools for creative play are powerful remedies against the continued hardship these kids face - they are medicine for the soul. When you contribute to HADAYA you are taking part in a grass-roots effort that not only brings joy to children but aims to connect personally with the kids and share their stories. You will see the fruits of your efforts in the forms of photos, journal entries and videos from the communities where we distribute. You will make a difference. 

In 2015 we distributed toys in four refugee camps in Lebanon, an orphanage in Southern Turkey, and bought a library for a village school in Nepal - affecting well over 1,000 children.

In 2016, our summer projects were in Jordan and India. In Jordan, we provided materials for the very first Montessori school for Syrian refugee children; sponsored a day at an indoor amusement park for 56 Iraqi refugee families and their children; provided backpacks of toys and lunch for another 25 kids and their families; and supported the renovation of a Palestinian youth community center. In India, we supported the girls of Dharavi Community Center in Mumbai, by providing a science and technology library, cameras for their journalism program, art and writing supplies, as well as our usual toys.
In 2017, we will continue to support many of these previous projects, as well as funding a scholarship program for a couple of the Dharavi girls to finish High School and then attend University, and several new school/library projects in development in Nepal, Jordan, Turkey and Nigeria.

We'd love you to be a part of this movement.  Ready to help?  Click here for our current needs and fundraising goals.


Your support is critical. It allows us to continue making these journeys, distributing toys and bringing a little light and joy.

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Educate yourself on the current refugee crisis.
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HADAYA's mission is to support displaced children worldwide by providing books, developmental toys, art supplies, and educational opportunities. We also support a 'micro-grant' program - seed money for self-supporting and self-sustaining small businesses. The majority of your donation goes directly to the children and the projects.  A small portion covers our operating costs and educational outreach.

We also encourage donating soccer balls as part of an individual, school or community effort. Message us for details.

Please note that HADAYA is fiscally sponsored by Eblen Charities, a 501(c)3 corporation, and one of North Carolina's most innovative and effective social enterprises, helping thousands of families each year with medical and emergency assistance. This means you may be eligible for a Tax Deduction! If you are making a large donation and would like to deduct this contribution, please just message us and we will email you the information.