Please consider donating here for our SUMMER LOVE projects.

This summer, HADAYA TOYS will be delivering soccer balls, school supplies, and toys to over one hundred Iraqi refugee children living in and around Amman, Jordan.

These children are from Christian families that have fled persecution by ISIS in Northern Iraq (Mosul), often at great personal cost. Many of them are orphans or have lost much of their family. They are being generously hosted by various Jordanian priests, however, their guardians are unable to legally work in Jordan and the larger government aid organizations are not helping them as they are overwhelmed and underfunded. They are in desperate need of emergency formula, baby food and bottles to get them through the long hot summer. HADAYA hopes to provide $5k worth of emergency food aid which should help feed the kids for up to six months. 

We are also very excited to collaborate on an innovative project, Dharavi Diary, in one of the largest slum populations in the world, in Mumbai, India. Fusing storytelling, digital literacy and mobile application entrepreneurship, a group of about 250 women and children (mostly girls) are learning leadership and tech skills to become the 'change makers' of their community.

In a small, make-shift, tech design lab they meet to learn mobile application technology to help solve their community problems - an app that alerts the best time to collect water form a community tap, so they don't  waste time standing long hours in a queue every day; an app focusing on women's safety that includes a distress alarm, location mapping, and SMS alerts; and another that gives ideas for recycling items to create new products and educate on waste management. All of which supports their independence, self-esteem, and ability to find employment later.

HADAYA hopes to cover six months of the 'supply' costs, about $5k - to include laptops, digital cameras, library books, art supplies, stationery, rental for a safe place to learn -  and see how we can be invested further by developing an ongoing, supportive relationship.