The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back to a Greek monk, Saint Nicolas, who lived in what is now Southwestern Turkey.....he was known as the "protector of children." This Christmas, just a few miles from this exact spot, the children of Beyti orphanage, founded and run by the Maram Foundation, are enjoying toys, art supplies, and books from HADAYA.

Our beautiful HADAYA ambassador, Anola Alabdo, arrived in Istanbul and was immediately busy prepping to make the journey to Beyti orphanage in the South. First stop - the amazing Pages Bookstore Café to load up on Arabic books for the kiddos. Big thanks to Samer el Kadri and the wonderful staff at Pages!

After several more shopping trips in Istanbul for art supplies and toys, Anola made her way south the the orphanage, where she was greeted with much anticipation and excitement! Anola spent the next two weeks working with staff and the children to provide opportunities for play and learning, utilizing all the wonderful supplies she brought. BIG smiles all round :))

A big heart full of thanks to all the generous folks who made this happen. And to especially to Anola for her own fundraising efforts, as well as taking the time to travel and stay at the orphanage. Ambassador extraordinaire.