Since November 2015, Kristian Gaylord, another Hadaya Ambassador, has been working in a remote village in the Gorkha province of Nepal - which also hosted the epicenter of last year's 7.8 magnitude earthquake, killing almost 10,000 people, displacing more than three million others, and destroying hundreds of thousands of homes.  He is helping to build a school for primary age children that is designed to remain standing the next time there is another earthquake of that magnitude.


Kristian is also a past student of Jennifer's, from Christ School, and recently contacted her with a plea for help: desperately needed supplies of blankets, medicine, and other supplies for thousands of displaced people, many of whom are children, in Nepal.

On behalf of Hadaya, Kristian purchased a library of over 300 books in Kathmandu which will be airlifted to the remote village school. The books, which will serve over 700 children, only take up half the allotted weight for the helicopter... the remainder will be filled with much needed medicine for the winter. Go Kristian!